Monday, March 9, 2009

The Plum Tree

The plum tree (a.k.a prunus section prunus) is a sub-type of deciduous fruit trees from the Rosaceae family, its fruit are eaten fresh,cooked (for making desserts,jams and compotes),dried or drained (to make juice).

The plum tree may reach heights of even 6 meters and more they're average height is 4-5 meters.the flowers are usually white, but they're color could also be pink or red. there are usually five petals to each flower.

The plum flower's pollination is executed with the help of insects (mainly bees). the bloom happens usually in spring time but it depends on the climate and the specific the time of bloom the plum tree is covered with bloom, and in a good year about 50% of the flowers will be fertilized and will turn into plum fruit.

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The Almond tree

The almond tree a.k.a "prunus dulcis" is a type of tree which belong to the Rosaceae family, it is sorted within the pronus type and the sub type : " amygdalus" along with peach.
the source of the species seems to be originated from western asia, where it was cultivated many thousands of years ago. the almond is a small tree, its height does not grow further then four meters (usually). however it does have deep roots and thus it can grow well even in areas with very little rainfall.
the almond leaves fall off at fall and the flowers precede to bloom with the coming of spring.when the years are very cold , the bloom might come later on. the flowers open long before the sproutsof the leaves.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism

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The achillea is a perrenial upright bush with feathery leaves ,
fern-like and covered with wooly hairs. it is common worldwide
and especially in europe,asia and north america in uncultivated lands , sheperd meadows and roadsides. the achillea's height is approximatley80 centimeters. it blooms from june until october
and it's petals are white,pink,orange and yellow.

* the achillea is used mainly in the cosmetics industry as an ingridient for skin cleaning lotions.

* it's flowers when dried retain they're form and color and
blend well in flower garlands and arrangements.

* the plant reppells ants and flies away from it's surroundings.
* the achillea is also used as a variation for the taste of hard liqueor.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Iris Flower

Iris is a flower type in the iris family of flowers. this type includes
over 300 species, that are geophytic, they are common in most areas of the world as wild plants and ornamental plants as one.
the stems of the iris flowers are round , they grow in singles or groups,
simple or split . its leaves are round narrow and long, sometimes they're cut resembles a cross, they grow as a rose around the flower stem. the root system is close to the ground surface. the root stalks are flat, they amount nutrition, they split up and interwine.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anemone Flower

The Anemone (coronaria) flowers belong to the Ranunculaceae family, it is oneof 120 species of anemone. the anemone is amulti annual geophyte, worldwideit is mostly common in areas of mild or cool climate,mostly in the northern halfof the globe, while in places like israel it is common from the snowy northdown to the deserts of south israel.
its colors , red , white or shades of purple ( moving from purple blue to purple pink), the most common flower is red. it bllooms in the months between january and march. the anemone is protected by law. and so you may not pick them when encountering them in nature.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Customs and Symbols of japanese spring

The celebration of spring in japanese culture is deeply rooted to the cyclicality of seasons in nature. ever since the first few centuries a.d. people in traditional japan were keeping aclose eye on the order of seasons in nature. being familliar with the orders of nature was important to the a farmers livelihood. the sensitivity of japanese to natures seasons is integrated to all walks of life. it is customary in japan to "mark" the
beginings of different seasons.

each season and its color :

Spring received the color pink,which is the color of bloom,summer was
given the deep green,fall was given the red of autumn leaves and the
snowy winter received white. in spring time the japanese wear kimonos with
pink decorations which is suitable to the colors of bloom. the streets
of the towns, train stations and all public institutions will be decorated
with pink plastic flowers - corny,colorful and prominent in comparision to
the gentle flowers of the sakura tree. the food stands serve sweet cookies
filled with a sweet brown filling (made from the sakura flowers of course).
on top of this shall be placed a decorating bud from the sakura tree.
the ice cream in spring time will of course be pink as well. the pudding served in food courts
all over the country will be replaced in pink ones. and sakura buds will be sunk in as well.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Symbolism of a single rose

Many different sentiments may be expressed through flowers and nowadays this none-verbal language is growing in popularity.
every one of us has at least once sent a message to someone with flowers.
sometimes, a whole conversation between lovers could take place through flowers.

the flower that is regarded as most meaningful, is the red rose.
a single red rose is viewed nowadays as an expression of love.
but there are many more different thing one could saying with a single red rose. for example: a single red rose will be sent also by a man who wishes to send apologies for someone important for him.
ever since medieval days, white roses are looked upon as a symbol of light, purity and innocence, therefore , sending someone a single white rose can testify that you feel that same person is meaningful for you, or that the love between you is pure.

Here is a video file: How to Wrap a Single Deluxe Rose

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Flowers and Symbolism

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