Monday, March 9, 2009

The Plum Tree

The plum tree (a.k.a prunus section prunus) is a sub-type of deciduous fruit trees from the Rosaceae family, its fruit are eaten fresh,cooked (for making desserts,jams and compotes),dried or drained (to make juice).

The plum tree may reach heights of even 6 meters and more they're average height is 4-5 meters.the flowers are usually white, but they're color could also be pink or red. there are usually five petals to each flower.

The plum flower's pollination is executed with the help of insects (mainly bees). the bloom happens usually in spring time but it depends on the climate and the specific the time of bloom the plum tree is covered with bloom, and in a good year about 50% of the flowers will be fertilized and will turn into plum fruit.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism

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