Thursday, February 26, 2009

Customs and Symbols of japanese spring

The celebration of spring in japanese culture is deeply rooted to the cyclicality of seasons in nature. ever since the first few centuries a.d. people in traditional japan were keeping aclose eye on the order of seasons in nature. being familliar with the orders of nature was important to the a farmers livelihood. the sensitivity of japanese to natures seasons is integrated to all walks of life. it is customary in japan to "mark" the
beginings of different seasons.

each season and its color :

Spring received the color pink,which is the color of bloom,summer was
given the deep green,fall was given the red of autumn leaves and the
snowy winter received white. in spring time the japanese wear kimonos with
pink decorations which is suitable to the colors of bloom. the streets
of the towns, train stations and all public institutions will be decorated
with pink plastic flowers - corny,colorful and prominent in comparision to
the gentle flowers of the sakura tree. the food stands serve sweet cookies
filled with a sweet brown filling (made from the sakura flowers of course).
on top of this shall be placed a decorating bud from the sakura tree.
the ice cream in spring time will of course be pink as well. the pudding served in food courts
all over the country will be replaced in pink ones. and sakura buds will be sunk in as well.

Shanon Field,
Flowers and Symbolism
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